Your Name is Sokka Son of Hakoda of the Southern Water Tribe. You were sent yet again to fish for the tribe. Well, its not the boring part. Your sister Katara has been nagging all day to come with you. It's okay, as long as she doesn't bore you out with her Water Magic... But the worst part is, you can't even catch one fish!

"Sokka, look!" yelled out Katara, breaking your concentration. You will not bother turn around. Leave it to Katara to ruin things. Forget it. But, then, SPLASH! She dropped her ontop of your head. You yell out at her, but then, the tides speed up, and you face some serious problems to survive out there, when all of a sudden, you two are thrown onto a chunk of ice, stranded in the sea!

"You don't like my steering? Well, maybe you should've waterbended us out of the ice." was your comment at the situation. Well, you couldn't possibly carry on everything to your self. So, you have to blame her. "I knew I should've left you home!  Leave it to a girl to screw things up!" was your regretful comment. That was bad. Especially when Katara raged on, and started lamenting on all the things she does and bla bla bla... But the thing is, as she spoke, the Iceberg behind you began to crack. You have to do something.