You quickly retract your spear out of their floe and follows his sister. You use five handily placed floes as stepping stones to get to the large iceberg that encases the glowing boy. Katara is the first to reach it and she repeatedly strikes the iceberg on the same spot with Sokka's club. Too unfortunate... When she slams through the ice, you two are thrown back by a strong just of wind that escapes from within the iceberg. The hole Katara made causes fissures to run over the whole iceberg and crack it open with an explosion. An incredible beam of light rockets toward the sky. "This could be a problem" was your whispering comment.

The mist begins to settle at the site of the iceberg. You had protectively clutched Katara, but you now releases her to see what is going on. Light still encircles the remains of the once big mountain of ice. You look at your sister and you both get up. Katara holds on to you while you point your spear at the crater, ready to protect yourselves. You lower your spear in shock when you behold a blue figure emerge from the crater of the iceberg. You yelled out, "Stop!"

The figure slowly erects himself, now standing atop the crater, looking down at them, causing the two siblings to marvel in wonder and fear. The circles of light finally dies down as the boy stops glowing. The figure seems to be nothing more than a young boy who suddenly faints. Katara gasps and runs forward to catch him before he crashes onto the ground. Of course she did that...