Non-Bending Combat is pretty much the same as bending combat, but without bending.


A combat starts with both non-benders at full health (100 HP).  A sword attack takes 20 HP, but can be decreased with a shield, that blocks 50% of the damage. A spear cannot be blocked, taking 10 HP. Armour must be put on as a first move, and decreases 75% of the damage. A sword can slice a javellin, blocking 90% of the damage

How to PlayEdit

The player with the shortest name attacks.

Player 1 slashes his sword at Player 2.

Then, Player 2 can retaliate. But if Player 2 uses a shield, he will block 50% of the damage.

Player 1: 100 HP

Player 2: 90 HP

Player 1 throws his javellin at Player 2.

Player 2 slashes his sword at the javellin, slicing it in half.

Player 1: 99 HP

And so on, until a player drops to zero.