If you are a new Waterbender, and you're looking for a teacher, sign up for my bending course.


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ISM (Founder)

Levels of BendingEdit

If you join this course, the power of your waterbending will be constricted. It is better, so that people don't OP.

Level 1 WaterbenderEdit

You have been on this course for a week. You may put a template on your userpage that looks like this.

This user is a Level 1 Waterbender. Please do not OP this character or admin powers will get in your way.


You have a bit of protection from the Waterbender Admins, list here.



  • You can produce a Water Whip that attacks your opponent. Lasts as long as the power of the char. 1 Level = 10 secs.
  • You can lash out with a stream of water that hits your opponent flying.


  • You can produce a Water Shield that can withstand elemental attacks. 1 Level = 10 hits.


  • You can produce a massive Water Wave that can push enemies back far. 1 Level = 50 metres.

Level 2 WaterbenderEdit

Level 3 WaterbenderEdit

Level 4 WaterbenderEdit

Master WaterbenderEdit